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Home Security Systems

Integrating the different elements of home security
makes sense on every level

When I was growing up people didn’t lock their front doors. I doubt my parents even locked the house up at night before they went to sleep. As a youngster, I could walk freely into my friends’ houses at any time of day and them into mine, whether or not someone was actually at home. Having a home security system was unheard of in our neighbourhood, and only something I ever saw in the movies.

Much as we like the reputation Canada has for our unlocked doors and safe streets, today most houses have some sort of home security. This can be as simple as exterior motion sensor lighting and having a smoke or carbon monoxide detector installed inside your home, to having the new generation home security systems with high tech features such as remote access, home automation integration and broadband video monitoring.

Burglary Prevention

This is the basic spine for a home security system and is the main reason homeowners begin investigating the various security features available from their local providers. Sensors are installed on the doors and windows of the property and once the system is armed, an alarm will sound if any of the perimeters are breached.

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