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Top Smart Home Devices

Make Home Security Systems a Priority for 2015

Whether you live in a less-than-desirable part of town or a quiet little gated community, you worry about the security of both your belongings and the people inside. Family is worth more than the value of all of your belongings combined. These days, you just can’t be too cautious. Burglars do not discriminate, and fires can happen no matter how careful we are.

When you invest in a home security system, you can rest easier at night knowing that your house is protected no matter what – through sleep, vacations, day trips to the dog park. What if that isn’t even enough? Someone else is watching over your home while you are in another state for a week, but you have no way of checking in to see that all is well. You do if you get the right security solutions!

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Is the Connected Home a Threat to Your Security?

We’re all hearing about the latest and greatest products on the market, each one geared towards home automation in Fort Collins, getting us all closer and closer to a reality that resembles something straight out of the cartoons of our childhoods, like the Jetsons. Soon after January’s CES in Las Vegas, the New York Times […]

via: Is the Connected Home a Threat to Your Security?

 Top Smart Home Devices – Security and Sound

The connected home is popular this year, and there are plenty of smart home devices on the market to appease any technofile. But there are also too many smart home devices to pick and comb through without some direction. Here are a few top smart home devices that you may want to purchase for your […]

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